<img src="https://agentmarketing.com/usr/12/22/10/36/25/210427084154.jpg?t=1632389962"><br>Brand new 2021 Redman Northwood Model home features a Champion 7 Limited Warranty. This unit has one bedroom, one bath, laundry hookup, full bathroom with 54" shower, gas stove, 2x6 walls, 4X6 floor joists, and 8 foot high ceilings. All modern colors throughout, textured ceilings, Drama marble Laminate countertops, 4" Formica backsplash. Energy efficient furnace, Low E insulated windows, maintenance free exterior with 4.5" lap siding, louvered shutters, skirting, landscape. Parking pad for 2 cars. Lot Rent $595 Pets permitted with park approval $25 additional pet Water and Sewer are metered. Residence needs to be approved by park Management. Financing is Available.<br>